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HEXE-brander 40mm kop 125mm buis, spaarbrander aansluiting M

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Reduced gas consumption during use
... How does that work? It’s simple, with the PERKEO propane roofing torch and an
optimised combustion principle!
At less than 3 bar operating pressure, the high performance PERKEO roofing torch HEXE is
already achieving similar efficiency to that of other devices at 6 bar!
The angular air suction principle of the PERKEO high performance torch heads causes an
air draw similar to that of a turbine. More air is automatically sucked in, and therefore
more oxygen for combustion. In direct comparison this means reduced gas consumption
with the same working power!
Unbelievable, but true!
The individual parts of the PERKEO HEXE propane roofing torch are tailor-made for one
another and guarantee you, as with all PERKEO equipment, cost and time savings from
the outset and thus a more efficient working process.

The high performance propane roofing torch HEXE comprises:
224/9/T or 224/9/3/T Economizer handle, 780/40 Ø40 mm torch attachment, 785/20 Footstand


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